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PUMA XL® Roofing System

The PUMA XL® Roofing System is a combination of the excellent qualities that we want to provide for our clients in a roof coating system. For high quality and value, it just doesn't get better than the PUMA XL roofing system.

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PUMA XL Roofing System Features:

  • Fast – This system is considered fast, because all it takes to waterproof your roof is one coat. That's why "one coat" is included in the name. If you have a large commercial or industrial roof, putting on 2 or 3 coats of a lower quality product would take substantially longer, and the performance would not be nearly as good over the years. With just a single coat of PUMA, the job is completed with minimal disruption to your regular business routine.
  • Durable – Our business owners love this. The PUMA XL roofing system protects your roof for many years into the future. Conventional acrylic roof coatings do well, but this has 3 times the resistance to erosion compared to acrylic. That means you can concentrate on your business, and not have to worry about any problems with your roof. Let us take that stress away from you.
  • Value – Wouldn't it be great if your roof could pay for itself? That is exactly what our customers report with the PUMA XL roofing system. This is due to the energy efficiency that comes with it. The surface of this roof coating is completely white, which means that 85% of the sun's heat is radiated away from the building, rather than being absorbed and making your air conditioning system work harder. By keeping the roof cool, our customers report enough savings in utility bills to completely recover the expense of the roof coating within 4-7 years. Beyond that, you're making money from your roof!

The name of this roof coating, PUMA XL roofing system, is actually derived from its chemical makeup (Poly-Urethane Modified Acrylic). This isn't your typical roof coating. It uses advanced technology to produce some amazing results. Traditionally, both urethane and acrylic have been used individually in roof coating products and systems, and each has its own great qualities.

Puma XL Roof Coating InstallationThe PUMA XL roofing system takes that a step further. It actually combines the high performance for which urethane and acrylic polymers are so well known, and creates a membrane that is seamless. The result is a technology in roof coating that has not been seen before. When compared with traditional acrylic roof coatings, PUMA is tougher and lasts longer.

In addition to the features mentioned above, the PUMA XL roofing system is also excellent at resisting mildew and the dirt and grime that commonly accumulates on a commercial or industrial roof. This means that you will have a roof that continues to look great and perform well for a long time into the future.

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We are excited about being able to offer the PUMA XL Roofing System to our customers, and we would love to discuss it with you. Call us at (913) 294-2550 to arrange a consultation. We can provide a free estimate and tell you how you can benefit from our service and this great product.



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