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Rubber Roof Coating

A rubber roof coating is a great way to add a layer of protection to your rubber (EPDM) roof. But that’s not the only advantage; it increases the energy efficiency, and can greatly increase the usable life span of your roof.

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Benefits of a Rubber Roof Coating:

  • Increased energy efficiency – Everyone loves to save money on heating and cooling. With the sealing and insulation qualities of this coating, your EPDM roof will be much cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. When your AC system and your heating system don't have to run constantly just to maintain an acceptable temperature, you will notice the difference in your utility bills each month. Those savings will go a long way toward covering the cost of the roof coating.
  • Reflection value – A roof is constantly enduring the direct heat of the sun. As the roof gets older, it becomes more and more susceptible to damage from this exposure. The rubber wears down, and the roof does not insulate as well as it did when new. With our reflective roof coating, much of the sun's radiating heat is just reflected away from the building – 84% in fact!. This adds to the efficiency and performance of the roof.
  • Lower roof temperature – With the high reflection value, the roof is no longer just absorbing all of the sun's radiant heat. That means that the roof's temperature is cooler, and in turn your building is cooler.
  • Longer life of roof – Less stress on the roof allows it to last longer. Taking care of your current roof is a lot less expensive than replacing it.

Obviously, rubber roofing does not last forever. From being exposed to the heat of the sun and all other weather every hour of every day, the roof will eventually wear down and develop some problems. Usually this is evidenced in the form of a leak (or multiple leaks). At that point, you have two traditional choices:

  1. Do nothing. This means putting up with the leaks, placing and emptying buckets of water, and wondering how much worse the leak is getting over time. While this may seem to be the least expensive option, it can often turn into the most costly; over time, roof problems that are ignored just get worse. A bigger problem is usually more expensive when you get it fixed, and you will have to deal with it eventually.
  2. Replace the roof. This is also an expensive way to go, and most business owners don’t relish the thought of a complete re-roof when there is really just one section that is failing.

Now you have another, preferred alternative: rubber roof coating.

Flat Rubber Roof CoatingInstead of a full replacement, we can coat your EPDM roof with our 3-step system from Conklin:

  1. Surface cleaner
  2. Primer coat
  3. Top coat

Our customers love this procedure because it is so simple, and has such great advantages. This is not just a "quick patch". Our rubber roof coating system is a viable, affordable long-term solution to a failing EPDM membrane. In fact, you can continue to apply a new rubber roof coating for years into the future.

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