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    Single-Ply System

    The single-ply system for roofing is becoming more popular than the traditional built-up roof, as commercial building owners realize the many benefits of this type of system. With bottom-line costs being the prevalent factor in choosing a roofing material, a single-ply system consistently provides your roof's best value.

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    What are the benefits of a single-ply system for the roof of your commercial or industrial building?

    • Resistance to Chemicals – Any chemicals or pollutants that are outside your roof should never be able to seep into your roof's membrane and cause damage. This system will not allow that to happen.
    • Resistance to Fire – With high fire resistance, it is very difficult for a fire to spread (or start at all). Our single-ply system is UL rated Class A-790 for fire resistance. Check with your commercial property insurance agent for possible discounts on property insurance.
    • Resistance to Moisture – Any type of moisture is an enemy to a roof – it must be kept out. This roofing system has seams that are up to 6 times stronger than those on a traditional EPDM roof.
    • Resistance to Sun's Ultraviolet Rays – This means a longer, more functional roof and a better value.
    • Light Weight – Our single-ply system will add very little weight to the roof of your building. The total weight for a 10 x 10 (one square) area is only 32 pounds. This is much lighter than almost any other type of roofing material.
    • Excellent Strength – Very resistant to any kind of tearing, scratching or abrasions. In fact, a good-size man can walk on this roofing material, as the breaking strength is 264 pounds. That's strong!

    When we install a single-ply system, Hy-Crown is the brand name of the product we use. This is mechanically fastened to the structure, and it is made of a specific type of synthetic rubber. We have installed this single-ply system in various environments, including some that experience the harshest weather our country has to offer. We are proud to say that it has continued to prove itself in durability and performance over time.

    Single Ply Roofing ContractorAn important thing to consider when looking at this type of roofing is reflectivity. A dark surface tends to absorb the sun's heat, which means it will wear out more quickly. Our single-ply system is white – therefore, the reflectivity level is very high (the value of reflectance is rated at 85%). This has a positive effect on your bottom line because it will cost you less to cool the inside of your building. Also, check with your local government and your state – in some areas, there are financial incentives given to the installation of roofing that is white or light-colored to aid in energy efficiency.

    One of the amazing benefits we love to tell our customers about is that this system actually becomes stronger as it ages. The primary material, Hypalon, when exposed to any type of moisture in combination with the sun's ultraviolet light, actually vulcanizes – this means the strength and resiliency improves.

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